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Irreverent Sideshows - Reservoir Ducks

“Under the direction of anna frisch irreverent sideshows are a Duckie favorite who create sublime and dynamic late night eye candy that is surprising and subversive.”

Simon Casson Producer Duckie

Whether it’s dirty Disney or twisted Tarantino, this performance posse create sardonic cinematic snapshots combining iconic references with mash-up text and mask work, marinated in a rip-roaring soundscape that trips off’ the edge of experimental cabaret and sniffs at the gusset of Nouveau Burlesque.


Irreverent Sideshows


anna frisch

in collaboration with

associate artists

Rachel Sweeney

Joel Cahen (newtoy.org)

Laura Bradshaw

Serena Bobowski

Pascal Ancel Bartholdi, and others.




lasting no longer

than it takes

to fry an egg

sunny side up

over easy